Costa Cruises celebrates Italian excellence on board company ships

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Costa Cruises celebrates Italian excellence on board company ships

On Italian Republic Day, Costa Cruises, the ambassador of Italian style and excellence around the world for 67 years, will celebrate the anniversary on board its ships, all flying the Italian flag.

The Italian flag will be adorned by four Nordic destinations during the June 2 festivities, with celebrative events organised by Italian embassies and consulates on board Costa ships. The first event will be held on May 30 in Copenhagen, on board the Costa Favolosa, to then continue on May 31 in Kiel on the Costa Pacifica, followed by June 9 on the Costa Fortuna in Stavanger, on the Norwegian coast, and ending on June 11 embraced by the charming backdrop of Oslo, on board the Costa Favolosa.

An important date for the entire country that Costa Cruises, the symbol of all things Italian around the world, will celebrate by creating encounters between different cultures, to share and nurture the culture of the “Bel Paese”, an international icon of style and taste. In particular, for the festivities in Stavanger, one of the most important Norwegian cities as far as business development is concerned, Costa Cruises will play host to city representatives as well as the leading Italian and international companies operating in the area.

The Italian enogastronomic culture will take the spotlight during the events, with lunch and toasting based on celebrative tastes of the Italian culinary tradition and Made in Italy brands of excellence, such as Caffè Illy, spumante Ferrari, and the Maitre Chocolatier Guido Gobino. In Oslo the company with offer a typical Italian breakfast, with the best of traditional Italian pastry.

“Our ships, all flying the Italian flag, have been the ambassadors of Italy’s finest on seas around the globe for the last 67 years, allowing thousand of guests, mainly from abroad, to discover the excellence of our country in terms of style, hospitality and enogastronomic specialities.” – explains Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises  – “Each year, during the festivities celebrating the birth of the Republic, we renew the celebration of June 2, so that all our guests, and not only Italians, can share the values that distinguish the Italian spirit, an unmistakable lifestyle, that we are proud to express and represent around the world”.

In addition to the events to be held in North European countries, Costa Cruises will celebrate June 2 with all guests taking cruises on its ships: the program includes special menus and cocktails inspired by the Italian flag, and the playing of the national anthem.

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