RJ grants Hollywood’s Stephen Baldwin Platinum card

Baldwin with Captain Misto

RJ grants Hollywood’s Stephen Baldwin Platinum card

Hollywood star Stephen Baldwin expressed admiration for Royal Jordanian’s level of luxury and its distinguished services, which match the services offered on board renowned international carriers.

President/CEO Captain Haitham Misto presented a Royal Plus’ Platinum card to Baldwin who said he will be pleased to always fly on board RJ from the US to Jordan and on other routes.

The American actor highlighted the hospitality of the crew members and the warmth they show to travellers of different nationalities, in addition to the high level of comfort and luxury on the 787. These reasons, he said, drive him to always choose RJ and justify his keenness to be part of its frequent flyer program.
Jordan enjoys security and stability, said Baldwin who visits Jordan to record the movie “The Heart of Hope in Jordan”, which will show the humane role Jordan plays in hosting millions of refugees from neighbouring countries, particularly Syrians.

Baldwin also said he was hoping that the movie will put Jordan on the world map and show the huge effort exerted by the kingdom in lending a helping hand to the refugees in spite of its limited resources.

Captain Misto expressed appreciation for Stephen Baldwin’s mission to portray the care Jordan shows people in need, adding that he was delighted with the appreciation the famous international actor, producer and director showed RJ, its services and personnel.

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