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ReadyRooms for agents, NYOP

Qantas Holidays’ ReadyRooms for Agents ( now includes the much anticipated Name Your Own Price (NYOP) functionality.

ReadyRooms for Agents can be located at

This new functionality delivers greater flexibility for consultants. It allows for an increase of the total value of the booking by a maximum of 25%. Consultants now also have the power to discount the value of their gross booking from the original Gross Sell Price to the Nett Sell Price.

Plus, consultants can now choose to absorb the credit card merchant fee from their total commission owing, or continue to add this independently to the Gross Sell Price.

“Retail travel businesses need to be able to confidently and seamlessly add service fees where appropriate and NYOP is designed just for that,” Fiona Dalton, Head of Sales for Qantas Holidays and Viva! Holidays said.

“At the same time NYOP allows our agents to respond in a professional way to providing a discount in the event of local market or online competitive pressures.”

Peter Egglestone, General Manager for wholesale also added: “NYOP is just the start of a number of technology enhancements we intend to bring to market this year across our brands.”

“As a business we are committed to providing products and services that add value to the travel agent equation, and to using technology improvements as the lever to make it easier to do business with us.

“It just made good business sense to leverage the very successful NYOP product launched by Air Tickets a few years back and adapt the concept it to our own environment. Our agency partners have told us this will be very empowering.

Source = Qantas Holidays
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