New tourism Fiji Matai program – helping agents sell Fiji faster & easier


Record numbers of agents in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have signed up for Tourism Fiji’s new Matai program which will streamline the process of booking Fiji holidays.

Created by Tourism Fiji to provide the international travel industry with the knowledge to sell Fiji, the new streamlined program will make the job faster and easier.

Tourism Fiji is hosting events in Sydney on January 28, Brisbane on February 3 and Melbourne on February 4 to introduce agents to the programme and demonstrate its benefits.

According to Carlah Walton, Tourism Fiji’s Regional Director, online training for the Matai program is a simple, less-complicated process, with many rewards.

“We have had a great response already, with numbers of agents signing up exceeding our projections and we are delighted to be hosting100 lucky agents, who have signed up and completed all modules by February 10, on an exclusive Fiji famil in February.

“There are a multitude of online training programmes available, so we’ve made sure ours is agent- friendly, comprehensive, but quick and easy to navigate.

“It takes just an hour to become a Matai Specialist and those agents who have already undergone training on the new program are singing its praises,” she said. “Matai Specialists become very knowledgeable about Fiji’s tourism products and they can create an enhanced Fiji experience for their clients.”

Ms Walton said that agents who have become a Matai Specialist have increased their sales and built their business.

“They also have access to benefits associated with the programme and those agents who have signed up will be joining us on a special famil to Fiji this year,” she added.

The Fiji Matai Programme is the destination training programme for travel industry personnel involved in selling or promoting Fiji. ‘Matai’ in Fijian means to be knowledgeable or to be an expert in something.

Source = Tourism Fiji
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