Roy Morgan: Asian Australians honed in on overseas holidays


A large number of Asian-Australians take more overseas holidays than other Australians, the latest Roy Morgan research shows.

In what could prove a challenge for the Australian tourism industry, 38 per cent of people of Asian-Australian ancestry or 533,000 people took overseas holidays compared to 24 per cent of the normal population.

In addition, Asian-born Australians are also less likely to have taken a holiday in Australia over the past few months (44 per cent vs 60 per cent for non-Asian Australians).

Roy Morgan international director of tourism, travel and leisure Jane Ianniello said that the figures were concerning for the Australian tourism industry because 7.4 per cent of Australians are of Asian industry.

“With an increasing percentage of Australians being born in Asia, it is concerning for the domestic tourism industry that this group is much more likely than the average Australian to holiday overseas and much less likely to holiday in Australia,” Ms Ianniello said.

“The fact that their most popular destinations are Asian countries suggests that they are using their holidays to visit their relatives (just as Aussies born in North America are more likely to holiday in the US and those born in the UK are more likely to holiday in the UK),

“Family ties can be a powerful motivator when it comes to travel.”

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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