Tiger still tamed for now

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Tiger Airways Australia have applied to the federal court for a further adjournment of proceedings against the airline, the carrier has just announced.

Eurostar: Business at its best

Eurostar has elevated its Business Premier offering to now guarantee elite customers the ability to travel on any service up to 10 minutes before scheduled departures in a bid to gain steam in the co...

Sydney agents ‘Get to Know’ Penang

Penang State Tourism and the Penang Chapter of the Malaysia Association of Hotels last night hosted representatives from Sydney’s travel industry for an evening of local Penang culture (and curries) ...

Carnival Destiny comes to the party

Her sister, Carnival Paradise, impressed online viewers worldwide with a flash mob featuring 1,500 poolside dancers in June, now Carnival Destiny has come to the party with 2,000 passengers participa...