To stay in a French city is to live to the rhythm of its inhabitants and to discover a unique way of life
Visit Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia

From the iconic Surfers Paradise beach to the dining precincts of Main Beach and Broadbeach and out to the lush, green hinterland

LGTB Spain

Idyllic beaches, endless nights, unlimited fun, a vibrant atmosphere and an active gay scene

Gastronomy in Spain

Spain is truly a paradise for foodies. Each of the regions offers its own unique specialty. From the famous miniature canapés known as “tapas or pintxos” to
Visit Abu Dhabi

Visit Abu Dhabi

Captivating culture, breath-taking luxury, exhilarating adventure and the warmth of Arabian hospitality await you in Abu Dhabi

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city with Roman remains, medieval quarters and

How to compete with Expedia

With customers increasingly enjoying the instant gratification of booking travel online, figuring out how to compete, is vital for the rest of the industry.


Italy is well-connected to the rest of the world via air, as well as by land and sea, with cars, trains, buses and boats large and small


Rotorua, the best volcanic, geothermal and cultural city in the world
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

The Bahamas

What makes the Bahamas unique, imagine a world where you can’t tell where dreams begin and reality ends, this is The Bahamas, and it's like no other place on earth

Packing like a Pro

We’ve put together some suggestions on how to manage your luggage load but for more helpful info and insider tips,

Langkawi, Malaysia

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is also recognised as the Architect of Modern Langkawi, initiated the move to transform the island into a celebrated beachside and...
Santa Monica

Santa Monica California

Santa Monica, California offers more than its beach and year round warm weather. Its proximity to the greater Los Angeles area makes Santa Monica the perfect base for vacationers