Thai tourism revival

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a massive tourism revival program in front of more than 700 travel agents, tour operators and media people from around the world at a lavish function designed to help revive visitor arrivals so badly affected by political unrest.

The industry has rolled out a range of promotions, strategies, activities, and projects, including a waiver of tourist visa fees until 31 March, 2011 and introduction of a new relief package which includes the retention of the SME Bank’s 5 billion Baht loan programme for small- and- medium-sized tourism business operators.

A committee of economic ministers has approved a budget of 360 million baht for the TAT for domestic tourism marketing and other domestic promotional activities.

The Airports of Thailand (AOT) has agreed to reduce many airport fees for nine months and will reduce landing fees by 15 percent and aircraft parking fees half.

In addition, nearly all the hotels, both individual properties and chains, have launched special packages and promotions offering a range of discounts and value-added incentives.

Tourism minister Chumpol Silpa-Acha told visitors at the Bangkok Convention Centre that the revival plans included a five-year investment plan which would boost transport, roads, railways and seaports.

With the situation in Bangkok is already returning to normal and growing  confidence in security measures official data shows international passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi International Airport totalled 540,788 in the period of 1-27 June, 2010, a decline of only 6.8 percent over the same period of 2009.

This is a clear indication that the rate of decline has slowed significantly since the fall to 19 percent in visitor arrivals in May 2010 over May 2009.

TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said, “The entire tourism industry has come together and is moving ahead to overcome the downturn. We are hopeful that these measures will succeed and the industry will still be able to attain its target of 14.8 million arrivals for 2010.”

Source = Tourism Authority of Thailand

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