Domestic Indigenous tourism overlooked, worth $3 billion


More than two million domestic travellers joined in Indigenous tourism activities in 2009, contributing AUD3 billion to the economy, reveals a government report.

Assessing domestic demand for Australia’s Indigenous tourism, the report revealed of the 66 million tourists travelling domestically in 2009, only three per cent participated in Indigenous tourism activities.

However, domestic Indigenous travellers not only spent more per trip (AUD1,440) than other domestic travellers (AUD615), they also stayed twice as long.

The government hopes to use the report to strategically promote investment in and the development of an overlooked but burgeoning Indigenous tourism market, Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson said.

 “This report provides Australia’s tourism industry with a detailed analysis of market gaps and opportunities which exist in Australia,” Mr Ferguson said.

According to the report, 20 per cent of those who participated in Indigenous tourism activities were retirees on self drive holidays, while 16 per cent were business travellers and 45 per cent participated while already on holiday.

The report further revealed that Indigenous tourism activities were not a primary motive for domestic travel, Australians in particular feeling Indigenous product is contrived for the international market.

The most popular activity for domestic Indigenous travellers was viewing Indigenous art, craft or cultural displays (54 per cent), visiting an Indigenous site or community (27 per cent), and interacting with Indigenous people (20 per cent).
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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