China the driving force behind travel industry: report


While America stagnates and Europe remains only stable, China is leading the way following the economic recovery, helping Asia become the most active travel market.

The robustness of the Chinese travel industry was revealed last week in the ITB World Travel Trends Report 2010.

It was found that only 14 percent of Chinese travellers feel directly influenced by the economic downturn, compared to 33 percent in January 2010.

China appears to be the real driving force behind the travel industry, with the report, based on results from IPK International surveys, indicating minimal change in Europe and losses in the US.

In Europe it was revealed that 66 percent of surveyed individuals would not be influenced by the downturn, compared to a corresponding figure of 52 percent in autumn last year.

But while confidence and trust are on the increase, as a whole, the number of journeys undertaken on the continent will only fluctuate above or below 20009 levels by one percent.

America remains the hardest hit by the downturn, with the report indicating decreased traveller confidence.

In January 2010, 58 percent of surveyed Americans indicated that their travel plans had been affected by the downturn, a figure that has since increased to 65 percent.

The effect of this is a predicted five percent decline in travel to destinations outside the American continent.

Despite South East Asian travel plans remaining quite conservative, Asia as a whole has reported an expected increase in travel activity of 4 percent, thanks mostly to the strength of China.

According to Dr Martin Buck, Director of the Competence Centre Travel and Logistics of Messe Berlin, the global travel industry can expect a very significant impetus from Asia, and in particular China.

“We anticipate that the very promising forecasts for Asia and China will have a very positive impact… Europe will certainly benefit from the keen enthusiasm for travel among the Chinese”, he said.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.F
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