Meet Michelle Solomou Senior Travel Consultant Greece & Mediterranean Travel

Face of travel
Lee Burrows

Michelle Solomou
Senior Travel Consultant
Greece & Mediterranean Travel

Michelle has been working as a wholesaler with close to 5 years experience. She has worked for Greece & Mediterranean Travel for the past 4 years and Michelle says she started in the industry because of her passion & interest in travel

Michelle says the best part of her job “is selling some of the most amazing countries that I’m passionate about” and she thinks the best perk “is travelling to the destinations I sell”

My favourite destination is the Greek Islands – as there amazing!! If I could leave on a trip tomorrow I’d love to go back to Mykonos – it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world

My fondest travel memory is climbing Mt Sinai in Egypt.

I think e-Travel Blackboard is great because it helps me keep in touch with the industry news


Just for fun
What are three things you must always travel with?

Credit Card, camera and commonsense (as well as your passport)

What is your favourite cuisine?

Greek – as the food is amazing!!

When you travel what activity is top of your must do list?

Taking photos for memories

If you were seated on a flight, in the centre row of four, name three celebrities you would happily share the row with?

Stefan Salvatore (from Vampire Diaries), Edward Cullen (from Twilight) and Chuck Bass (from Gossip Girl)

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Tell us how would you encourage an individual thinking of starting a career in your industry? (In 25 words or less)

The most important thing you need is passion without it the industry could be tricky. Secondly, is knowledge (Tafe) and experience (work)

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M
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