Meet Belinda Thomas Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Discover the World Marketing North Sydney

Face of travel
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Belinda Thomas
Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator
Discover the World Marketing
North Sydney

Belinda has been in tourism for the past five years. She has just started working for Discover the World Marketing and Belinda says she relished the idea of working in the industry “because of a desire to travel the world”

The best part of her job “is the ability to let my imagination run wild and the variety of clients I get to work with including; Airlines, Hotel groups and online giants like Expedia

“My favourite destination is El Calafate in Argentina. It’s the most heaven-like place on Earth. Mirrored lakes, glaciers and snow capped mountains, fields of wild flowers and an abundance of wildlife. If I could leave on a trip tomorrow I’d love to go to Africa. It’s next on my list. I really want to visit Rwanda, Kenya and Zimbabwe for their unique cultures and wildlife”

“My fondest travel memory is parading in Rio Carnival earlier this year!”
Just for fun
What are three things you must always travel with?

“Warm socks for long plane trips, my iPhone so I can access the internet at Wi-Fi hotspots and a good camera with a really large memory card”

If you were seated on a flight, in the centre row of four, name three celebrities you would happily share the row with?

“George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold – Entourage) – If I’m going to be stuck in the centre of the middle row for an entire flight I want to be entertained!”

On a past trip what is something you bought that was quirky and a bit of fun?

“I found myself on the steps of Lapa (Rio de Janeiro) earlier this year and I bumped into the artist Jorge Selarón who designed the entire staircase. He was painting a tile for his masterpiece and I asked if I could buy it off him. The paint was still wet!”

What is your favourite cuisine?

“Steak from Argentina. My arteries might hate me for it though!”

What’s a favourite drink you tried on a past trip?

“Apple tea from Turkey is the best. Lipton’s version just doesn’t cut it”

When you travel what activity is top of your must do list?

“It really depends on where I am in the world. I like to get involved in activities that are authentic to the city/country like a local soccer match in Brazil, Spanish classes in Bolivia or a village home-stay in Borneo”

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You’ve got to be passionate about travel to be a part of the industry but the relationships and experiences gained are worth it

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M
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