Meet Philip Youdale Manager Borneo Tour Specialists

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Philip YoudalePhilip Youdale
Borneo Tour Specialists

Philip’s been in travel, and working at the same wholesaler, for 14 years. He started in the industry because he had a passion for selling Borneo and the best part of his job Philip says “is being able to advise people who know little about where they are planning on going, of the best places to go and things to see and do”

“My favourite destination is Peru. Completely different culture to ours, different language, fabulous landscapes, wonderful people and an archaeological treasure trove. If I could leave on a trip tomorrow I’d head to Morocco. It’s one of the places I haven’t been to yet and, although not featuring on everyone’s radar Morocco, appears to offer different  experiences including unbelievable desert landscapes”

“My fondest travel memory is on the Inca Trail arriving at the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Picchu and seeing the ruins laid out below with wisps of clouds hovering above. The sun had just risen – the whole area was bathed in a yellow glow. Just magic!”

Just for fun
What are three things you must always travel with?

Camera, trekking shoes and my day pack

If you were seated on a flight, in the centre row of four, name three celebrities you would happily share the row with?

I don’t have any time for celebrities! Anyone I would want to sit next to would be dead so let’s just say Leonardo Da Vinci – and no-one else – so that I could spend all the time on the flight with him

On a past trip what is something you bought that was quirky and a bit of fun?

A large Egyptian antique rug made of camel hair decorated with alien-like camels. You’d have to see it to understand. It took me three days of hard bargaining before an acceptable deal was struck

What’s a favourite drink you tried on a past trip?

Pisco Sour from Peru. It contains Pisco (South American brandy-like drink), egg white, sugar, syrup, lemon juice and a dash of bitters

When you travel what activity is top of your must do list?

Interact with the locals

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Tell us how would you encourage an individual thinking of starting a career in your industry? (In 25 words or less)

Learn your geography, travel extensively and look outside the norm for places of interest as the world is full of surprises

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