Meet John Polyviou General Manager Sun Island Tours

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John Polyviou
General Manager
Sun Island Tours

John has been with Sun Island Tours for seven years now. He started in the industry nine years ago because of an opportunity to work in the family business

The best part of my job is being constantly challenged by the changing environment throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern markets; which Sun Island Tours specialise in … and constantly meeting new people with the same goals in supporting and building the Travel Industry

I have many favourite destinations but can’t pick one. There’s nothing like looking at the sun sink into the water while sipping on a frappe in Santorini, watching Sea Turtles lay their eggs in Oman or visiting Shakespeare and Co in Paris.

My favourite travel memory was visiting the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi. It was such a humbling experience watching these majestic creatures … I’m already dreaming of my next trip to Egypt. I haven’t been for many years and it is definitely an enchanting destination

Just for fun
What are three things you must always travel with?
My Sun Island Tours vouchers, passport and a lot of cash
When you travel what activity is top of your must do list?
When in Rome… I like to partake in any activity that is associated with the destination (i.e. partying in Mykonos, desert safari in the UAE or feasting on paella in Spain)
If you were seated on a flight, in the centre row of four, name three celebrities you would happily share the row with?
Dear Daisy – Oh wait she’s the only one who thinks that she’s a celebrity. Michael Schumacher and Larry David
On a past trip what is something you bought that was quirky and a bit of fun?
Well anything you buy in Amsterdam is unique, quirky and a bit of fun!
What is your favourite cuisine?
Mediterranean Cuisine is second to none. Haloumi, Sheftalyes, Souvla, Greek Salad, Mousakka … the list goes on.
What’s a favourite drink you tried on a past trip?
A Spritz and eggs for breakfast in Venice is the way to go

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Q 15: Tell us how would you encourage an individual thinking of starting a career in your industry? (In 25 words or less)
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