Despite healthy rivalry, Aussies love Kiwis


New Zealand may be one of Australia’s biggest sporting rivals and the butt of the odd sheep joke or two, but it seems like us Aussies have nothing but love for our kiwi neighbours.

When asked to rate their feelings towards other countries – with 100 being a very warm, favourable feeling and zero meaning very cold – in the annual Lowry Institute Poll, 1001 Australians responded with an average 84 for their feelings towards kiwis.

This is the "warmest" result since the polls began in 2006, up a point from last year and three points since 2007.

The poll also found that Aussies have “warm” feelings towards other countries including Canada (82), France (70) and Singapore (69).

Not surprisingly, Australians have cool feelings towards North Korea and Iran, which consistently score at the bottom of the list

Australians are also divided over where their country fits in the world, according to the poll.

Thirty-two per cent thought it was more a part of Asia, 31 per cent the Pacific and 31 per cent said it was not really part of any region. Five per cent thought the country was part of Europe.

However, respondents were increasingly worried about the growth of China, Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Australians saw China’s growth as a good thing but they were apprehensive about China’s thirst for natural resources, which is central to the country’s prosperity.

The respondents thought this dominance could be harmful to Australia’s interests and wants China’s might to be restrained.

Almost half of the respondents admitted that they thought China would become a military threat to Australia in the medium term.

Meanwhile, the rising number of asylum seekers to Australia is also causing a great deal of concern to almost 80 percent of the respondents.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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