From Travel Indochina to the world, Happy birthday to industry specialist!

  ::From Travel Indochina to the world, Happy birthday to industry specialist!::

This week more than 170 staff in Travel Indochina’s offices around the world joined in the company’s 17th birthday celebrations.

Director of Travel Indochina, Paul Hole says the company has come a long way since it was founded in 1993.

“Travel Indochina began with an idea and an office in the corner of a friend’s store room; mops and all,” says Paul.

“Basically, co-founder Mark Bowyer and I started the company as a means to spend more time in the place we most love to travel – Asia.

“But 17 years later I am proud to say that Travel Indochina has grown into one of Australia’s leading and most specialised tour operators with more than 170 staff (and many more who rely on us for their income) operating in seven countries, across four continents.”

Paul believes that it is Travel Indochina’s philosophy of providing unique, “real” experiences in small groups that has led to their success.

“From that very first day we wanted to create a company that allowed travellers to venture beneath the surface of a destination – to ensure travellers to Asia experienced the people, culture and lifestyle first hand – and that philosophy has not changed.

“This is why our small group journey concept is just as valid today as it was 17 years ago and will continue be so in the future.”

So what birthday wish did Paul make when he blew out the candles on Travel Indochina’s birthday cake?

“That my staff continue to let me come to work for another 17 years!”

Travel Indochina’s Asia experts can be contacted on 1 300 362 777, or visit our 24/7 agents only online booking engine

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