Qantas schedules supplementary services between Australia and Europe


Qantas announced today it was scheduling supplementary services between Australia and Europe to provide further options for Qantas customers following the recent closure of European airspace.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alan Joyce, said Qantas was doing everything possible to clear the back load of passengers and minimise the impact on customers.

“All Qantas flights have resumed and our focus now is to help our delayed customers reach their final destinations as soon as possible,” he said.

“We have been working with the relevant airport authorities to gain clearances to operate supplementary flights between Australia and Europe.

“We estimate it will take approximately two to three weeks to clear the current back load and I would like to thank our customers for their patience during this time.”

The following supplementary flights have been confirmed:

From London to Australia
– QF158 London to Sydney via Singapore scheduled to depart at 0020 local time on 23 April

From Australia to Frankfurt
– QF171 Sydney to Frankfurt via Singapore scheduled to depart at 2200 local time on 23 April

From Frankfurt to Australia
– QF172 Frankfurt to Sydney via Singapore scheduled to depart at 1500 local time on 24 April

Qantas is also looking into options for supplementary flights from Australia to London.

Qantas will contact customers who had previous flights cancelled to rebook them on the next supplementary service with available seats.

Customers not scheduled on a flight are still advised not to travel to airports until they have received confirmation from Qantas that they are booked to travel on a Qantas flight.

Qantas is processing customers in order of special needs. Priority customers are those with serious medical conditions, those awaiting operations, customers with special needs and those with a funeral or a significant family event to attend. Priority will then be given to elderly customers and families travelling with infants and young children.

Customers are reminded that flights are heavily booked through to early May and there are limited seats to rebook passengers.

Customers can elect to defer travel to a later date (within 12 months) or will be offered a full refund.

Customers are advised to check for the latest information.

Source = Qantas Airways
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