Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Helps Agents to Manage the www Challenge.

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Don't Get Caught in the World Wide Web.
Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre Helps Agents to Manage the www Challenge.

Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre's Egypt and Greece and Turkey brochure provides a compelling guide to agents about the advantages of working with a wholesaler which cares about the destinations it sells, the agents it works with and the agent's clients.  A common challenge for retail travel agents and wholesalers, is responding to cost conscious clients who come to your agency, dismiss the price in a travel brochure and tell you, "I can get it cheaper on the net"!

Often the internet deal sounds too good to be true (especially with international hotels) and often it is. An internet quote may give your client what appears to be a bargain hotel price but ask your client the following questions:

  1. Does it specify the room type? Many of GMTC's room rates are based on superior rooms or best available in specific properties, or offer favourable features such as sea views. Some internet bargain hunters are disappointed to find that the bargain room they have booked is an inferior room the hotel has dumped on them.
  2. Does it include taxes and local charges? All GMTC hotel rates do.
  3. Does it include any meals?   In most cases GMTC hotel rates include breakfast.
  4. Is there an iron clad guarantee your internet confirmation is honoured?  There have been

      instances of internet bookings from less reputable sites either being dishonoured at the
      hotel booked or the hotel transfers you to an inferior property. On the occasions when this
      happens the client has no comeback. When clients book with GMTC the booking is
      guaranteed and if there is a problem you have immediate recourse to fixing  it.
      A wholesaler like GMTC regards after sales service as important as making a sale

  1. Does the internet provider give your client guidance on the property at which they stay?

      Often the answer is no.  GMTC is able to help agents and their clients match the exact
      product to the client's real needs.
                                         FINALLY ASK YOURSESLF

  1. Do you as a travel agent get the commission you deserve when you let your client book

      hotels through the net ?    The answer is simple, NO.  
7.  Understand that most cheap internet hotel deals are available to last minute shoppers
     and from properties seeking to unload excess rooms. For people planning travel well in
     advance its rarely practical to expect such deals, especially in high season.

GMTC Managing Director Halina Hussein believes there is a mutual interest between wholesalers and travel agents to retain the personal touch with travel bookimgs.

For bookings and information on all Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre product phone 1300 661 666 or check out the web site below.


Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre
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