Visit the USA all next week without even leaving your desk or PC!


We all know how hard it is sometimes to actually get to all those wonderful destination and product seminars, even if you live in the city in which they are held.  It is also much harder if you live in a regional city or country location.

So all next week e-Travel Blackboard and e-Travel Blackboard TV will take you, wherever you are, without even leaving your desk to the Visit USA Expos 2010.

Every day by reading articles on e-Travel Blackboard and looking at videos on e-Travel Blackboard TV you  can take yourself right into the Visit USA Expos 2010 and bring yourself right up to date with what’s hot and new in one of Australia’s leading destinations.

New York Los Angeles, San Francisco, Idaho, Montana, the Rockies, California and many more great USA destinations and product all are featured in our coverage!  This is in addition to e-Travel Blackboard and e-Travel Blackboard TV’s very special Visit USA Expo 2010 partners, California, Insight Vacations, Travel 2, Driveaway Holidays, Handlery Hotels San Francisco and San Diego and of course top pacific airline V Australia.

So watch our all next week and join me John Alwyn-Jones, on location from the Visit USA Expos 2910.  Bringing yourself  right up to speed with the USA, wherever you are in Australia!

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.A.J
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