North Cape tops excursion list


50,000 guests taken to 71° north

The North Cape comes out top among Hurtigruten’s 40 excursions. 2009 saw Hurtigruten take a total of 49,483 guests to 71° north and the northernmost point in mainland Europe.

The North Cape cliffs, rising steeply 308 metres above the Barents Sea in the far north of Norway, have always been a key landmark for seafarers and an attraction for people from around the world. Italian priest Fransesco Negri is considered the first tourist to visit the North Cape, way back in 1664. Visitor numbers have gone up and up ever since. This is confirmed by Hurtigruten’s excursion statistics for 2009. Two of the company’s excursions take in the North Cape, and almost 50,000 guests chose the breathtaking experience as one of the highpoints of their voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes. Standing on the plateau and gazing at the horizon gives a sense of having reached the end of the world. From 13 May to 29 July, that horizon is illuminated by the midnight sun, providing indescribable and unforgettable memories.

“The North Cape is clearly a highpoint of the voyage and a must-see for many of our guests. Anyone who has stood on the plateau and felt overwhelmed will understand. It is utterly unique,” comments Per Eide-Olsen, director of Nordic sales at Hurtigruten.

In recent years, Hurtigruten has worked hard to sign up suppliers of exciting and high quality excursions along the coast of Norway. Almost 230,000 excursion tickets were sold in 2009, with the top ten attractions looking like this:





North Cape



The Arctic Capital Tromsø



Midnight Concert Tromsø



Lofoten Islands



A Taste of Vesterålen



Geiranger Panorama 2



The Russian Border



Nidaros Cathedral & Ringve



Breakfast at the North Cape



Trondheim Sightseeing S


“This list shows our bestsellers, but it does have its limitations in terms of indicating popularity. Many of our excursions have restrictions on the number of participants and so will never make the charts. This is particularly true of the more active excursions such as dog sledging, the birdwatching safari and the RIB safari to Saltstraumen,” explains Per Eide-Olsen.

Hurtigruten has around 40 different excursions spread along the Bergen-Kirkenes route, all of which tell local stories of Norwegian culture, nature and history. Hurtigruten is also looking to add some exciting new activities to the programme in 2010.

“We’re working on an exciting tour of Norway’s original capital – the Viking city of Trondheim, plus a winter tour of Atlanterhavsparken, the fascinating aquarium in Ålesund. We hope to have both of these in place this year,” says Hurtigruten’s excursion coordinator Marita Nilsen.

With its experience of seafaring in Norwegian waters since 1893, Hurtigruten is the best way to experience Norway in summer and in winter. With us, guests enjoy the jewels of the coast at close quarters, along with never-ending panoramic views in a warm and informal atmosphere.
Source = Hurtigruten
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