“No Fat Tax”: Air France – KLM denies obesity surcharge


Air France KLM has denied media reports that it plans to introduce an ‘obesity surcharge’ for passengers that are unable to fit into a single seat.

Instead, the national carrier has revealed that from February 1, overweight passengers who had freely chosen to buy an extra seat for comfort would be refunded the extra costs on flights that were not fully booked.

In a statement released today Air France says that “as opposed to the information disclosed in the press this morning, Air France has no intention of making corpulent passengers pay for a second seat.”

Since 2005, Air France has offered overweight passengers the option to buy a second seat at a 25 percent discount.

"It is not an obligation; we suggest to such passengers they buy a second seat for their own comfort and in order to be sure the seats are adapted to their needs.

“If the plane is not full, they can get a refund," Air France spokesman Jean-Pierre Lefebvre said.

Several newspapers had incorrectly reported that obese Air France-KLM passengers would be forced to fork out 75 per cent of the cost of a second seat on top of the full price for the first seat.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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