Asiana Airlines – Company Information

Company Information :-

    • Asiana Airlines was founded in February 1988
    • Launched services to Sydney from South Korea, 5th December 1995
    • Operates daily B777-200ER aircraft Sydney Seoul return
    • Asiana Airlines joined Star Alliance 1st March 2003 and is actively involved
    • Fleet size of 70 aircraft based at Incheon, South Korea
    • Ranked a 5-Star Airline for the past two consecutive years by SkyTrax organisation
    • For the past four years Asiana has been awarded “Best Inflight Service” and “Best Cabin Crew” of any airline by Global Traveler Magazine surveys
    • Air Transport World – Airline of the Year 2009 award
    • Passenger reviews, go to

    B777-200ER aircraft :-
    Economy Class cabin has individual In-flight Entertainment systems in every seat with 6.5” LCD screens. The seat reclines to 108 degrees with a 32” pitch. The seating configuration is 3,3,3. Complimentary meals, pillows, blankets and headsets are provided to every passenger.

    Meal Service :-

    The Western Meal service has a choice of red or white meat along with a bread roll, salad, and dessert followed by tea or coffee. Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served with the meal and throughout the flight.

    The Korean Meal service – Yeongyang Ssambap, which is cooked rice and Bulgogi (beef casserole) with nine kinds of vegetable leaf to wrap various ground nuts and soy bean paste or Bibambap, traditional Korean meal of vegetables, rice and an assortment of marinated vegetables along with miso soup. Asiana was awarded the Mercury Award in 2006 in the food and drink category from the International Travel Catering Association.

    Visit our website – 

    Asiana Airlines, Level 6, 73-75 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Tel 02 9767 4343 Fax 02 9767 4344

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