South African Tourism hosts guests at Australia vs. Japan football match

  ::South African Tourism hosts guests at Australia vs. Japan football match::

South African Tourism joined thousands of Aussies in celebration of the Socceroos win against Japan in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Hosting trade guests and media in a corporate box, South African Tourism congratulated the Aussie team on finishing at the top of their table with a 2-1 win against Japan, and qualifying as one of the favourites from the region for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

"It was such an exciting match, and just a small taste of the type of atmosphere fans can expect in South Africa in 2010," said Bangu Masisi, General Manager, South African Tourism Australasia.

"We are so excited that Australians will get a chance to see their national team playing in the World Cup, and that we have the opportunity to showcase what South Africa has to offer Australian travellers," concluded Ms Masisi.

Ian Robinson SAA, Bangu Masisi SAT and Mike Jones Total Sports Trave

John Schibli Premium Sports Tours, Bangu Masisi SAT and Ian Robinson SAA SM

Source = South African Tourism
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