Open Air Cinema – impact guranteed.


Be Productions are the specialists in Open-Air Cinema . As the appointed agents in Australasia  for the ‘AIRSCREEN’ technology your event can create the impact you project. With a range of inflatable screens the largest 20m X 10m your event can be conducted at an exotic harbour side location, or maybe an outback location or special venue with all the operational aspects including planing , permits and logistics covered with one call to Be Productions.

We have produced a variety of spectacular events around Australia from product launches at Ayres Rock to the largest live broadcast screen for the Soccer World Cup at the ‘Cinema in the Overflow’  Sydney Olympic Park catering for 10,000 people. Our drive-in format using AIRSCREEN and FM transmitter have been an outstanding success.

Open – Air Cinema creates a unique atmosphere and can be constructed around a live entertainment , dining or a festival experience.

Open-Air Cinema is the element that will ensure you get your message across and has the capacity to create the atmosphere and capture the attention of the audience. It is a cost effective sales and marketing application.
Source = Be Productions
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