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qualia: the way one undergoes sensory experiences; a philosophical way of defining how people individually live experiences; the last word on luxury in the Hamilton Islands.

The qualia experience begins the moment a traveller lands on Hamilton Island, taking pride of place at the Hamilton Island terminal the qualia desk is ready to receive guests and take their luggage direct to the guest’s pavilions.

Travelling along Hamilton Island’s tranquil streets to the resort in qualia’s shuttle, guests catch glimpses of sparkling water and wavering yacht masts, before bursting out at lookout points for spectacular panoramic views of Hamilton and the Whitsundays islands.

Soon enough spectacular wooden gates tower in the distance as you travel closer, opening slowly to usher guests into a different world.

As the gates close behind locking out the rat race outside – the qualia experience truly begins.

Situated on the northernmost tip of Hamilton Island, the five-star, ultra-luxurious resort has an unrivalled location for privacy and views.

Truly a sensory experience, the resort’s 27 Windward Pavilions offer villa-like accommodations with a lounge room, patio, separate bedroom, bathroom, private plunge pools and selected villas also include garden showers.

Taking advantage of the spectacular hill-top views of the Coral Sea, large panoramic windows shed light on the locality’s natural attractions.  May it be from the comfort of the king-sized bed or sipping champagne in the plunge pool, views of that turquoise water are never far from sight.

qualia bedroom
qualia bird’s eye view

Guests staying in the Pavilions all receive a complimentary vehicle, an electric buggy, to putter around the resort compound or island.  Great for the environmentally-minded, as well as the young at heart, the buggies are a common sight around the island as they, rather than cars, are the primary mode of transport.

qualia’s offering of taste is one of the foremost experiences to try, from degustation dinners, to seafood barbeques and decadent desserts; Executive Chef Stephane Rio serves up an ever-changing range of delights.

Food and beverage can be sought at the two restaurant offerings under Stephane’s care, Pebble Beach and the Long Pavilion, or qualia’s guests can venture out to any of the other resort’s restaurants for a change of scene as well.

Finished with activities and eats, Spa qualia tops off the experience with a range of massage and beauty treatments.  Morning yoga in the Spa’s meditation pavilion, with amazing views of the Whitsundays and Dunt Island, is a must try.

qualia serves up all these offerings at a level of luxury never before seen in Australia’s tourism scope; but most importantly the resort truly has an understated Australia feel.

From the brain of Australian designer Chris Beckingham, the property makes the most of its location; the resort isn’t built on Hamilton Island, rather it’s built around Hamilton Island.  Ensuring the pavilions made as little impact on the surrounds as possible, each pavilion’s location has been strategically plotted to make the most of its views and other pavilions’ needs.

The materials for construction are all local, as are the interior designs, as well as the local art.  Guests staying at qualia truly know they are living immersed in tropical north Queensland.

In just a few months, the compound will welcome 32 more south-facing Leeward pavilions, offering a slightly scaled down, but no less engrossing, experience.

The all-inclusive price tag does sit quite highly along the scale (Windward Pavilions: AUD1700 per night, Leeward Pavilions: AUD1450 per night) but does include all activities, food, drinks (not including alcohol), airport transfers and accommodation.

qualia can be booked through Creative Holidays’ Queensland Brochure.



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