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As we all know, the planet is far from lonely, and this month we want you to tell us some of your most interesting experiences you’ve had whilst travelling the globe … the best one will win the pack!

Funnily enough my most interesting travel experience would have to be while travelling within Australia. Maybe interesting is not the correct word maybe more like tragic. About 8 years ago I went on a family holiday to Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. It was all new and a bit of an expedition and we were staying in the most beautiful house right on the beach. We had our own private beach and plunge pool and the most amazing views. The house we were staying in had big cyclone shutters and I remember thinking to myself wow it must get windy around here. Anyway we did our exploring around and soaked up some sun. It seemed like effort just to walk to the shop a few minutes down the road with the boiling hot heat.

One night we went out to dinner at a really special restraunt and we came back to find a visitor on our front veranda a snake had wrapped its way right around the railing. There was so much wildlife whether it be the rock wallabies to snakes to koalas surely this is the place to travel for anyone who wants so experience a little bit of Australia. One of my most memorable moments while staying on Magnetic Island would have to be going bareback horse riding along the beach and riding the horses into the water for a swim. It was one of those things that was such a great experience and you felt so pleased you took the plunge and did it!

After spending about a week in a beautiful house on an amazing Island the wind suddenly started to pick up! I won’t lie to you it did frighten us. I just remember lying in bed thinking the wind would blow the roof right off our beach house. The next day we decided to be on the safe side we would move closer inland to a motel until all had settled down. After checking in at our new accommodation we were sitting around a table eating pizza when a big gush of water came under our feet from outside. We complained and all got moved to another room. After all this commotion we ended up going to bed early and the next thing we knew it was 2am the phone was ringing and it was reception. There had been a landslide! We were told to evacuate and get to reception immediately. On the way to reception in our pyjamas we discovered people were stuck in their rooms the doors covered by mud! Everyone was in shock and still uncertain of how all this happened overnight. Eventually we were sent out to a youth hostel where we had to share a cramped room filled with bunk beds with a whole bunch of people. It was bizarre going from a 5 star beautiful beach house to a youth hostel. We ended up stuck there for few days time as we couldn’t get our ferry back to Townsville due to the bad conditions.

There is a picture I have from that last day on Magnetic Island where all my family is standing in a row getting blown away in the wind. Now I look back and I see the funny side of the trip it all came down to experience and family and this trip put the two together. This would have to be one of my most memorable and possibly interesting travel experiences!


Source = Laura Bainbridge - Diploma travel
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