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We took our family to West Coast America in December for our holiday of a lifetime….Disneyland, Universal Studios etc. The most absolutely amazing place we went through was the Grand Canyon. It was just awesome. But the kids were less than impressed by the freezing weather. Even the waterfalls we saw were frozen mid fall.

We hadn’t planned on staying the night, but in the end we wanted to see more so we booked an extra night at the hotel. The next day the kids didn’t want to go with Mum and Dad, so we agreed they could stay at the hotel and watch cable TV and use the outdoor Jacuzzi across the corridor from the room. The weather was so cold that even to get to the Jacuzzi (about 8 feet away) required rugging up, but the water in the Jacuzzi was beautifully warm.

So we took off the next day and left the kids to their own devices with lots of instructions. Being teenagers we thought they would be OK. Without having to worry about our kids falling off the narrow Canyon paths we had a very relaxing day.

But when we got back we found the kids also had an interesting day. The hotel had forgotten to reactivate the room security key for the extra day. The kids had gone to use the Jacuzzi with just their bathers on. But then they found they couldn’t get back in to the room. So they had to sprint across the outdoor area to get to the office in minus 16 degree weather in just their wet gear. Lucky for them the owner quickly got everything sorted out. She felt so sorry for them she gave them plates of cake and snacks and they had a great time for the rest of the day stuffing their faces with junk food in front of the TV. After they had thawed out that is.


Source = Kaye Frankland
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