Love my trips to the Outback

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Love my trips to the Outback

Love my trips to the Outback

What are all the options available to us now? The options are as wide as they are diverse. From agriculture to carbon farming, tourism to land management, the opportunities are endless. I was lucky enough to head out to Barcaldine to the Central Queensland First Nations Tourism & Economic Development Forum and present some of the opportunities that tourism can provide.

I spoke about the First Nations Tourism Potentials Plan, the development of a shared vision for the enhancement of the First Nations tourism sector in Queensland (you have heard me talking – well read –  about this quite a bit recently, with the first draft under development this Australian first is an exciting program). The Central Queensland First Nations Tourism & Economic Development Forum is looking at developing a cross-sectoral strategy and gathered relevant Traditional Owners, community members and government officials to determine a direction that benefits the region. With tourism work well underway, their plan will leverage off the action items developed within our plan and align to the tourism priorities. The priority of sharing our culture and stories with the world stands firmly first.

Forums like this facilitate the employment, training and growth of First Nations people. We are only 3% of the population, yet we have a lot to share and much wisdom and knowledge to pass on.   The topic of Country and Culture was also high on the agenda and well discussed.

Even with the best intentions, with people coming together from different backgrounds and sectors, sorry business meant everything had to cease in respect of the family. For those of you unfamiliar with this terminology,  Sorry Business refers to a period of cultural practices and protocols associated with the passing of a community member. The most widespread ceremonies of Sorry Business are conducted around the bereavement and funerals for the passing of a member.

As important as an event is, it is still integral that we respect our cultural protocols and adhere to the practices. As sad as it is, sorry business brings people together, reminds us what is important and helps families grieve.

Events like this forum creates enthusiasm and gets people thinking about the bigger picture, how are sectors can work together and how we will never achieve our goals if we work alone, collaboration is the key.

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