Meet MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Fiona Snell

MTA - Fiona Snell June 2019

Meet MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Fiona Snell

Meet MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ Fiona Snell

What did you do before you joined MTA? Gaining my Cert III in Travel & Tourism while at school led me to work in retail agencies around Northern NSW and Brisbane.

Do you have a specialised area in travel? I can’t say just one area – II love the diversity in travel and every itinerary is different.

What is the most unusual (or interesting) location you have worked as an MTA Mobile Travel Agent?  On an alligator tour in New Orleans and on a 14-hour flight!

What is the weirdest request you have had from a client? Making sure the Asian buffet breakfast wasn’t all Asian food and being asked if it was ok to take bags of disposable plastic cutlery as the client didn’t want to use chopsticks in Japan.

If you hadn’t become an MTA Mobile Travel Agent, what other career path would you have taken? I had great ambitions to be a physiotherapist.

What’s one of your biggest personal achievements? Becoming a mum and having my own successful business with MTA.

Describe your perfect holiday.  Company, culture, cuisine and cocktails!

if you had a time machine where would you travel to and why? Asia is one place I’d want to see before the tourism boom. I love the simplicity of keeping some places as they were.

If you could choose one, what would your super power be? To freeze time.

What three things do you always take with you when travelling? Scentsy Go (I hate the smell of hotel rooms!), peppermint lotion (best relief for tired, aching feet), and eye drops (I suffer from dry eyes).


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