STUBA presents the best of Europe

STUBA presents the best of Europe

Europe with Stuba – the best hotels and the best 24/7 support

Stuba now has over 99,000 Properties worldwide, including 316 in Budapest. Known as the Paris of the East, Budapest (Modern Budapest is the result of a historic amalgamation of the separate cities of Buda and Pest), and is comprised of 23 Districts. Buda:  Districts I-III, XI-XII, XXII. Covers the area west of the Danube including Castle Hill, the Buda Hills, and Óbuda to the north. Pest: Districts IV-IX. Covers the area east of the Danube

The first settlement on the territory of Budapest is accounted to Celtic tribes. During the first century AD, the Roman fortification on the territory of present-day Óbuda (now part of Budapest) gradually developed into the town of Aquincum which became the capital city of the province of Lower Pannonia in AD 106. In the following centuries Buda emerged as the most important royal seat. In 1241/42 the Mongol Empire conquered the territory along with large parts of Europe. Since then, much time has passed, and we fast forward to modern Budapest; vibrant, exciting and friendly to the traveller. It also helps to be easy on the wallet (compared to Western Europe)

In 1987 Budapest was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for architectural and cultural significance of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrassy Avenue.

There is much to see, do and eat in Budapest. Some of the highlights include:

Parliament Building: A spectacular example of Gothic architecture, and one of the biggest in Hungary. Tours are available, but get in early to avoid the ques.

Gellert Baths: Another spectacular looking building, The baths include spas, sauna and a wave pool. Built between 1912 and 1918, it was completely renovated just recently.

Danube Promenade: Walking from Elizabeth Bridge to Chain Bridge, is a perfect romantic way to see some of the key landmarks. Buda Castle, Liberty Statue and the Fisherman’s Bastion. There is plenty to eat and drink to keep things rolling.

House Of Terror: its not what it sounds like exactly. This is a museum that houses exhibitions detailing the Fascist and Communist regimes which dominated Hungary. The building itself was used as a prison and torture chamber run by the State.

Whatever your clients needs, log in and check out Stuba’s offerings. You will not be disappointed. 




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