HARMAN Professional Solutions illuminates Seoul’s elegant Lotte Concert Hall

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Hansam System Co. provides Seoul’s new world-class concert hall with sophisticated Martin lighting fixtures for 360° coverage and minimal noise

HARMAN Professional Solutions illuminates Seoul’s elegant Lotte Concert Hall

 Hansam System Co., Ltd. recently installed an array of Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures at Lotte Concert Hall to achieve 360° coverage and near-silent operation in the world-class venue.

Lotte Concert Hall is a contemporary 2,036-seat auditorium, newly built by the Lotte Corporation and located in Seoul’s elegant Lotte World Mall. The hall was designed by renowned international firm Nagata Acoustics, and features terraced, wrap-around “vineyard style” seating for optimal acoustics in every seat. The hall needed a state-of-the-art lighting solution to ensure consistent coverage for all viewing angles, as well as minimal noise during delicate classical and opera performances. They hired Hansam System Co., who installed an array of Martin MAC Quantum Wash fixtures to meet the hall’s unique needs.

“We trusted the experts at Hansam System Co. to help us create an engaging environment at our concert hall and provide guests with a stunning visual experience to match the extraordinary acoustics of the space,” said Ms. Eunjung Choi, Lighting Director, Lotte Concert Hall. “And since the hall’s design can amplify even the smallest sounds, we appreciated the ultra-quiet operation of the Martin fixtures they chose.”

Hansam System Co. settled on an array of 24 MAC Quantum Wash fixtures hung from an acoustical “cloud” high above the stage. In addition to its beautiful wash fields, the Quantum Wash also produces tight beams with its 1:5 zoom and features a rotating front lens for spectacular mid-air effects. Its advanced Colorganics RGBW LED system provides deep, saturated colors and brilliant white light with smooth, consistent mixing. The fixture’s extremely low noise level makes it ideal for classical and opera concerts, keeping the focus on the music during quiet passages.

“Lotte Concert Hall was specially designed to increase the sense of communion between the performers and the audience,” said Mr. Moowoong Cha, Sales Director, Hansam System Co. “The auditorium needed effective lighting equipment with extremely quiet operation, and HARMAN’s industry-leading solutions were perfectly suited to this application. The MAC Quantum Wash fixtures’ enhanced brightness and vivid colors elevate the entire experience for concertgoers.”

“HARMAN Professional Solutions is delighted to present lighting fixtures that perfectly complement the renowned Lotte Concert Hall,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank Hansam System Co. for not only innovatively utilizing Martin’s cutting-edge solutions, but also for their customer-first approach and prompt delivery.”

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