Tulip Time 2019 Charity partner & theme announced

Tulip Time 2019 Charity partner & theme announcedTulip Time 2019 Charity partner & theme announced

Since its inception 58 years ago, Tulip Time in the Southern Highlands has grown into one of Australia’s iconic floral festival now attracting over 48,000 visitors annually.

Tulip Time 2019 is again set to transform the Southern Highlands into a dazzling Spring display of tulips, blossoming trees and cool climate annuals.

The focus of Tulip Time is the 14 day festival held in historic Corbett Gardens in the heart of Bowral. This year the festival will bring the magic of Mary Poppins to life in recognition of the Southern Highlands being the birthplace of the Mary Poppins character in Bowral[1], and marking 85 years since the publication in 1934 of the first Mary Poppins book – “Mary Poppins”.

Thursday 21 March celebrates the March Equinox and to mark the occassion of this year’s supporting theme, the Southern Highlands Youth Arts Council (SHYAC) will turn the Mary Poppins statue in Glebe Park, Bowral, westwards, ready for Mary Poppins to be blown in from the east on the eve of the Tulip Time Festival in September.

Like Mary Poppins, this year’s Tulip Time Charity Partner – Variety NSW – believe all children should be able to follow their dreams through magic, laughter, and fun, and they support 1,000s of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

“Tulip Time is the region’s premier tourism event, generating huge economic and social benefits for the Southern Highlands. It also provides numerous opportunities for all the local community to get involved, be they young or old.” said Clr Turland, Chair of the Tulip Time Working Party.

“The local community is encouraged to get behind this year’s festival, theme and charity partner and invite their friends and relatives to visit during this Springtime celebration in the Southern Highlands,” continued Clr Turland.

This year’s Tulip Time Festival will be conducted from Tuesday 24 September to Monday 7 October 2019.

[1] *Pamela Lyndon Travers changed her name from Helen Goff, keeping only her middle name, Lyndon in the early 1920s. Following her father’s death, Helen Goff, along with her mother and sisters, moved to Bowral, New South Wales, in 1907, living there until 1917. In 1977, Travers revealed that the name “M. Poppins” originated from childhood stories that she contrived for her sisters, and that she was still in possession of a book from that age with this name inscribed within. (Wikipedia)


Source = Destination Southern Highlands
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