Meet MTA Mobile Travel Agents’ Sarah Day

Meet MTA Mobile Travel Agents’ Sarah Day

Meet MTA Mobile Travel Agents’ Sarah Day

Meet MTA  Mobile Travel Agents’ Sarah Day

Background:   Married and mother to a 21-year-old. Born and raised in the UK, I have always lived on the land and currently operate a cattle property with my husband when I’m not at my MTA Desk. My other passion is horses, I love to ride and compete as often as I can.

When and Why did you join MTA? I joined MTA nearly four years ago after a short break from the industry. I was keen to return but didn’t want the 9-5 shop routine or the long daily rural commute.  MTA offered the freedom and flexibility to combine both of my life’s passions – travel and horses.

What did you do before you joined MTA? I spent 22 years with Harvey World Travel.

Do you have a specialised area in travel? Leisure travel, planning and designing comprehensive itineraries.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt since starting as a home-based travel agent?  Belief in myself and my ability to be successful. Being self-motivated was never an issue for me but I found it much harder in the early days at home with lots of distractions. Setting a routine and learning to stick to it created better self-discipline and self-motivation.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?   If you fall, get back up and never stop getting back up. You can be anything you want to be by never giving up.

What’s the most memorable travel experience? While on a camping safari in Botswana and listening to the elephants trashing our camp during the night looking for the water they could smell. Super scary at the time. Elephants have big feet – tents not so!

What’s one of your biggest personal achievements? Hard to pick just one – Surviving motherhood, beating breast cancer and starting my MTA business with a zero-client base having moved into a new area.

Which famous people would you most like to travel with and where to?  Barack and Michelle Obama – personally guided tour of Washington and the White House followed by dinner.

What destinations are next on your travel bucket list? New York, South America and Croatia. 

What three things do you always take with you when travelling? Passport, phone, currency card.

What direction do you see the industry heading in over the next five to ten years?  The OTA’s are here to stay – we just have to accept it and move on. Clients will and are coming back to using a travel professional – personal service and our ability to go above and beyond to create that special and personal experience just can’t be achieved online. As long as we as travel professionals continue to keep updated with product knowledge, training and technology, the industry will continue to grow.

Source = MTA - Mobile Travel Agents' PR - Mike Parker-Brown

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