Ted Travels: Wander around Bogota for an extra day

Wander around Bogota for an extra day

Wander around Bogota for an extra day

Wander around Bogota for an extra day

Last week I gave you a glimpse of what your clients can do in Colombia’s capital city, but as you know well, I always recommend spending more days in each city to get a real feeling of what local life is about, plus, they get to see more of the country.

On your client’s extra day in Bogota, suggest visiting the Paloquemao Market, here they will be able to lose themselves along the many colourful stalls full of fruits and veggies, eat delicious arepas and have a fresh juice of Lulo, a regional fruit that believe us, they will want to try! Plus, the market also has a wide variety of esoteric and local folklore, clients will see potions and spells being offered to attract money or love, scaring off ghosts and spirits, or get lucky!

For a weird yet beautiful wander, clients can visit Bogota’s Central Cemetery where locals’ light candles and leave flowers and prayers at the feet of Virgin Mary Statue. Suggest walking along the cemetery paths to see all the ornate statues in its mausoleums and many important Colombian character tombs.

Suggest spending the afternoon wandering around in La Candelaria, Bogota’s vibrant heart. Clients should first visit the Nuestra Senora del Carmen sanctuary, also known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Carmen, this church was built in the Florentine Gothic Style with Byzantine and Moorish touches which makes it very interesting, plus, it is easily recognisable for its red and white striped façade. It closes early so suggest visiting this place before they can walk around the beautiful Candelaria neighbourhood, Bogotá’s historic and cultural centre. Clients can walk the cobblestone streets, wandering the preserved colonial buildings and eclectic architecture, museums and plazas before stopping for lunch or dinner.

If clients are staying in Bogota on a Sunday, the best chance to see Colombian life is by joining the locals for a stroll or jog along Carrera 7, one of the City’s main roads that closes a long part of it only during Sunday mornings. If its too busy then suggest having brekkie or a nice cup of coffee on one of the numerous stalls set up along the way, and they will be able to “watch the world go by”.



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