PONANT supports Aldabra Clean Up Project

PONANT supports Aldabra Clean Up Project

PONANT supports Aldabra Clean Up Project

PONANT supports Aldabra Clean Up Project

PONANT becomes the main sponsor of the Aldabra Clean Up Project association.

PONANT is working alongside the Aldabra Clean Up Project group to eliminate the tonnes of plastic waste that has washed up in the Aldabra atoll.  A UNESCO World Heritage site and the world’s second largest coral atoll, this atoll is home to unique species, including 150,000 Aldabra giant tortoises. But, despite its isolation and protection, this site has not escaped the threat of marine plastic pollution. By becoming its main sponsor, PONANT is continuing its environmental commitment by contributing to the Aldabra Clean Up Project in order achieve the level of resources needed to make this major project viable, while providing its expertise to closely monitor the implementation of operations.

In addition to the clean-up programme that will start on 22nd February 2019, and which is as ambitious as it is complex in its implementation, this project also seeks to educate and raise awareness among the communities of the Seychelles and worldwide about the importance of environmental protection. To achieve this the project will promote positive measures to substantially reduce the pollution which is severely affecting these unique sites. To this end, the team of the Aldabra Clean Up Project will carry out scientific research to quantify the threats that plastics impose on these precious island ecosystems. This will be followed by an awareness-raising campaign targeting the global population on the environmental challenges in the oceans.

PONANT: committed to responsible tourism

For more than 30 years, PONANT has deployed efforts to address a subject that is very dear to it: respect for the marine world. From the conception of its certified Clean Ship vessels to its shore visits, everything is done to reduce the impact on the environment. Beach clean-up campaigns are also organised with guests to raise their awareness and transform them into committed ambassadors for responsible tourism – a message the company is keen to encourage


The world leader in luxury expeditions and the only French cruise ship owner, PONANT was created in 1988 by Jean Emmanuel Sauvée and a dozen officers from the merchant navy.  On a daily basis, PONANT sets the standard for responsible and sustainable tourism that helps to preserve the oceans, the polar regions and the links between peoples. The company is renowned for its unique concept of sea travel combining exceptional itineraries with luxury amenities on small-capacity ships.

In May 2018 the Aldabra Clean-Up Project was launched at the Royal Society in London and the State House in Seychelles. The project is a collaboration between The Queen’s College, Oxford and the Seychelles Islands Foundation. It brings together Oxford postgraduates and committed Seychellois volunteers to achieve an ambitious goal – the cleaning up of Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean, which is badly affected by plastic pollution.

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