Happy Valentine’s Day from Featherdale Wildlife Park

Ned and Lola

Ned and Lola

Happy Valentine’s Day from Featherdale Wildlife Park

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Featherdale Wildlife Park share the love story of wombats Ned and Lola. After arriving at Featherdale in 2016, the pair were raised together by Featherdale’s team of dedicated zookeepers who noticed their instant connection.

Since then, the star-crossed lovers have been inseparable, spending every day together in their shared enclosure only leaving to meet visiting celebrities such as Laura Brown and Rafael Nadal and pose for Instagram photos. The story is especially sweet as wombats tend to be solitary animals who like their own company- not so for these two who crave each other’s attention!

Visitors can witness Ned and Lola’s real life love story at Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney’s most interactive wildlife experience, home to over 2,000 creatures from 260 different species. Animal conservation is at the forefront of everything Featherdale does, with initiatives including the endangered Tiger Quoll Breeding Program and the Koala Genome Program in partnership with The Australian Museum.

Featherdale – 217 Kildare Road, Doonside – Open 9am to 5pm daily. www.featherdale.com.au

Video of Ned and Lola

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Source = Featherdale Wildlife Park
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