Where to go this year with 2019 Latin America recommendations

Where to go this year with 2019 Latin America recommendations

Where to go this year with 2019 Latin America recommendations

Ted Travels: Where to go this year with 2019 Latin America recommendations

If you get this question from your favourite clients let me suggest our world: South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba.

Not sure where to start? What about swimming and snorkelling with whale sharks off the Yucatan coast, combine this with climbing a Mayan pyramid and diving in a cenote. These water wells are the result of underwater cave systems, in the old Mayan days, some of these cenotes where used to make offerings to their gods!

Cuba is always an interest for those travellers wanting to enjoy culture, history, Spanish colonial architecture, relaxing beaches and mountain scenery all in the same island. Clients can learn how to roll a cigar and dance the salsa, ride in a vintage car and stay in a Caribbean beach resort.

For nature lovers, can’t go past Costa Rica, with its volcanoes and more National Parks than any other country we know! Adventure buffs experience river rafting, Zip lining, walking, trekking, bird watching. Did you know Costa Rica has more than 900 bird species?

Next door Panama is now getting more and more popular, clients just recently returned and wished they had more days!

Coffee lovers should visit the coffee triangle in Colombia, where they can stay in a finca surrounded by great scenery in the valley of Cocora and its beautiful colonial towns and villages, like Salento.

For those real adventurers suggest the Guyana’s unknown wilderness, waterfalls and Amazon jungle and rivers and wildlife. We can organize an overland tour from Georgetown to Paramaribo and onto Cayenne. For the brave hearted we recommend an overland transfer into Brazil to the mouth of the mighty Amazon river and Belem.

If your clients are really looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, now they can combine two amazing countries that are home to must see destinations: The Inca Trail and Torres del Paine. Yes, they can do that this year! With direct flights between Cuzco and Santiago, those avid trekkers and hikers can combine the Inca Trail with the “W” trek in Paine National Park by flying Cuzco/Santiago/Punta Arenas. The Peruvian Andes one day, Cordillera del Paine the next, finishing this incredible trip with a walk on a glacier, the ultimate travel must!

And yes, I just named a few ideas! There’s a lot more like Belize and Salta but they are another story!

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