MTA Professional Plus off to a flying start

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MTA Professional Plus off to a flying start

MTA Professional Plus off to a flying start

Just weeks after its official launch, MTA- Mobile Travel Agents’ benchmark ‘MTA Professional Plus’ in-house accreditation program is off to a flying start with close on 80 MTA Advisors now well on their way to becoming fully accredited MTA Certified Travel Professionals.

Developed in-house by MTA, ‘MTA Professional Plus’ has been designed to help further educate and support MTA Advisors in their day to day business and, overall, enhance their standing as travel industry professionals.

A self-paced program allowing Advisors to gain accreditation within a time frame that suits their own lifestyles, ‘MTA Professional Plus’ comprises nine core pathways and two optional pathways.

These focus on social media, corporate, cruise, air, land product, luxury, marketing, business and professional development.

MTA CEO, Don Beattie said MTA was already known as having some of the most experienced travel advisors in the industry.

“With Professional Plus they will set a new bench mark in travel expertise,” he said.

“We are delighted with the response to date given the commitment in time and effort required to achieve this accreditation.”

Source = MTA - Mobile Travel Agents PR - Mike Parker-Brown

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