MTA MDs enjoy a Tale of Two Cities

MTA - MTA co-md Roy Merrricks and Shangri-La SYD DOSM, Robert Mitelic Oct 2018

MTA MDs enjoy a Tale of Two Cities

MTA MDs enjoy a Tale of Two Cities at the Shangri La Sydney

Pictured, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents’ co-managing director, Roy Merricks and Shangri-La Sydney director of sales and marketing, Robert Miletic at the first of a series of very prestigious ‘Tale of Two Cities’ dining events taking place at the hotel in coming weeks.

Mr Merricks and co-managing director, Karen Merricks were part of a very select group of gastronomes invited to participate in the event.

The ‘tale of Two Cities’ dinner reprises a grand tradition of banquets originated by Prince Roland Bonaparte at the turn of the last century at his private mansion, now the site of the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, which came to be known as the ‘Bonaparte Dinners’.

Ensuring the extremely high standards and reputation the ‘Bonaparte Dinners’ have maintained for close on 100 years, the Shangri-La has flown in two-Michelin-starred chef, Christophe Moret from Paris to orchestrate exact replicas of the original five-course menus served to guests at the Shangri-La Sydney’s hotel’s iconic three-hat listed Altitude Restaurant.

Source = MTA - Mobile Travel Agents PR - Mike Parker-Brown

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