Medjet launches short-term MedjetHorizon Memberships


Medjet launches short-term MedjetHorizon Memberships

Medjet launches short-term MedjetHorizon Memberships

Medjet, the industry leader in air medical transport and crisis response memberships for travelers, has announced that, as of November 1, 2018, the company’s highest-tier product, MedjetHorizon, will be available for purchase in short-term membership increments. Previously, the company’s MedjetAssist membership was the only option available short-term, and MedjetHorizon memberships were only available as an annual protection option.

Founded in 1991, Medjet was the first to conceive and establish a membership-based global air medical transport program: MedjetAssist. In 2015, Medjet introduced its MedjetHorizon product, featuring medical transport plus travel security benefits, in response to the growing concern for its members’ safety and security while traveling.

“We’ve seen a surge in requests for the product as a short-term membership” says Medjet CEO and President, Mike Hallman.

“Last November, we added natural disaster and pandemic response to the suite of MedjetHorizon benefits. Within the first month following this upgrade, we saw a 94% increase in sales, demonstrating that today’s traveler is placing a greater emphasis on travel safety,” continued Hallman. “Organizational travelers frequently travel alone, and safety has become their #1 concern for the first time ever. Solo leisure travel is the fastest growing sector in travel today. We always have the safety of our members in mind, and are committed to evolving our products to provide our members with the highest caliber of medical and security services across the globe.”

The full range of MedjetHorizon membership benefits include access to:

Hospital-to-hospital medical transport if a member is hospitalized more that 150 miles from their residence
24/7 crisis response for natural disaster, political threat, hijacking, acts of terrorism, kidnap for ransom, disappearance, violent crime, blackmail and extortion, pandemic and wrongful detention
Access to emergency medical cash advance of up to US$60,000
Specialty hospital transfer, personal travel advisories, emergency medical translation and legal referral services
Transfer of mortal remains
The new short-term MedjetHorizon membership joins the company’s lineup of diverse travel protection products, including collegiate memberships for students and faculty studying or teaching abroad, and expatriate memberships for travelers heading abroad for extended periods of time.

Available in intervals of 8, 15, 21 and 30 days of coverage, short-term MedjetHorizon memberships start at $184 for an eight-day individual membership and $310 for an eight-day family protection membership.

For more information about Medjet, please visit:

Medjet is the industry leader in travel protection and medical transport, forging a global network of air medical transport affiliates and security providers over the past 26 years. At any given time, Medjet has access to more than 250 private air ambulances and commercial medical escorts, as well as specially trained emergency medical and security personnel, ready to launch from both domestic and international locations 24/7. The company most notably differentiates from other players in the market through its commitment to arrange air medical transfer to the member’s home country hospital of choice (not just “nearest acceptable”), regardless of medical necessity.Similarly, unlike other travel security and response membership programs, the company’s MedjetHorizon option does not rely on hard triggers, such as government-issued evacuations, to act on behalf of members.

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