24 hrs Barcelona Open House

24 hrs Barcelona Open House

24 hrs Barcelona Open House

24 hrs Barcelona Open House

48 H Open House Barcelona invites you to visit all of its architectural to observe, understand and question the value architecture and its relation to Catalan society and culture. The festival opens in the first week of October.

This event is free for all and will include guided tours, information guides for visitors to explain each of the houses they’re visiting. Some of the houses include famous landmarks like Casa Vicens, el Mercat de Sant Antoni, while there are also some lesser known sites in the ten other neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Mark your calendars for 27 & 28 October 2018. The event promises visitors an appreciation of the value of good architecture and urbanism, opening over 200 great buildings of different styles, forms, and sizes to the public.

The 48H Open House Barcelona program is built around the broad network of buildings that will open their doors to the public and it is set within the six Barcelona boroughs (Barcelona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Vilassar de Dalt, Sant Joan Despí, Badalona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat). The participation of many architects and volunteers explaining the city’s architecture, different activities which complement the event, and the fact that it is a completely free event, encourages dialogue between visitors and citizens to improve architecture and public urban space knowledge. Highlights: The Festival represents a unique opportunity to enjoy architectural experiences related to the city’s history: from Roman ruins to contemporary architecture, going through Catalan Gothic, Neoclassic, Modernist and Modern Style buildings which are included in the program.

Besides, a wide range of dwellings representing from different periods and many examples of urban transformation, emphasizing the ones of the Olympic Games, would allow citizens to enhance their knowledge of Barcelona’s history. On the other hand, different themed tours are available depending on the visitors’ interests such as Sustainability, Infrastructures, Social Housing, or to discover other works of some historical and known architects like Guastavino, the architect of New York, or Jujol the author of the Park Guell’s bench.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/48hopenhousebcn/

Twitter: twitter.com/48hOpenHouseBcn

FB: www.facebook.com/48HOpenHouseBarcelona


Source = Catalan Tourist Board
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