Angama Mara celebrates one year plastic-free

Angama Mara celebrates one year plastic-free

Angama Mara celebrates one year plastic-free

Angama Mara celebrates one year plastic-free

While many companies around the world are eliminating plastic straws, Angama Mara, the award-winning luxury safari lodge in Kenya’s famed Maasai Mara, has gone a few steps further and is already celebrating one year of being virtually plastic-free. This waste-reducing initiative is comprised of various techniques pioneered on-site to ensure a healthier, more sustainable local environment for guests, the community and wildlife alike.

Just over one year ago, Kenya, aiming to reduce waste, outlawed the use and distribution of plastic bags. The lodge at Angama Mara was constructed with a minimal footprint in mind, and to that end, was built with its own water bottling plant. In addition, Tyler Davis, Angama Mara’s on-property regional director and driving force behind the lodge’s zero-waste ethic, has spearheaded a number of other methods to reduce waste above and beyond Kenya’s ban, including:

* Serving water to guests in reusable glass bottles, negating the need for some 75,000 plastic bottles and saving $30,000 over three years
* Providing guest amenities in refillable porcelain dispensers
* Guest laundry being provided in linen bags
* Signature picnic baskets carry sandwiches wrapped with paper and string, along with stainless-steel tins, cutlery, glass bottles and cotton napkins
* Creating and using garbage bags from reuseable canvas
* Storing freshly prepared food in ceramic or glass, reducing the need for any type of plastic containers.

In addition to Angama Mara’s plastic and waste reduction, the lodge has pioneered the use of EcoBricks to curb additional waste. The EcoBrick utilizes single-use plastic and other waste materials to create a building block that may function as a planter or a play structure for children. Nearly 400 EcoBricks have been made to date, eliminating roughly 100 bags of garbage.

The 140 dedicated staff working at the lodge have been gifted aluminium water bottles, and regularly participate in friendly, yet competitive challenges to reduce even more waste. For more information, please see

High above the Maasai Mara where some of the most romantic scenes from Out of Africa were filmed, Angama Mara comprises two separate and intimate camps, each encompassing 15 tented guest suites. Built on the edge of the Great Rift Valley on one of the most sought-after sites on the continent, this lodge offers heart stopping views as far as the eye can see. The lodge, helmed by industry veteran Nicky Fitzgerald (formerly of &Beyond), boasts outstanding game viewing 12 months of the year, with private access to the reserve. Inspired by the Swahili word for ‘suspended in mid-air,’ Angama Mara floats 1,000 feet above the Maasai Mara, where, every morning, hot air balloons sail past the 30-foot-wide floor-to-ceiling glass fronts of each suite. In addition to consistently excellent game viewing, including Africa’s Big Five, guests enjoy walking safaris, garden-to-table lunches in the shamba, editing their images in the Photographic Studio a fitness center, a 40-foot-long swimming pool, a curated gallery of African art, clothing and jewelry, and a sun-filled studio where local Maasai women work at beading bespoke items.


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