Truths in Lombok

Truths in Lombok

An inside angle and the shocking truth about what’s really happening in Lombok

Warning – contains disturbing footage….

Two days before this year’s earthquake,  Glen the CEO of Project Karma headed to Bali for a child protection conference.

Before mainstream news hit, Glen was messaging the Project Karma board on all channels. Natural disasters are  dangerous times for children. They get displaced from their families, undergo enormous stress and are preyed upon by the disgusting elements of humanity.

A helicopter was chartered, funds were diverted and Glen and his team hit the ground running.

Within hours, one of the grief support counsellors enlisted to help traumatised children was being investigated. Glen gathered the evidence, followed due process and the scum was arrested and charged with rape of a 12-year-old girl who had lost her family.

The Australian government issued the “reassess your need to travel” advice. It reflected what we were hearing from the ground, but not the official channels, which seemed to play down the devestation.

Ridiculous, especially when you view this haunting piece of footage from Photographer Richard Alma who flew back into the disaster zone with Glen to show the world devastation hidden from view.


Glen painted a picture by SMS, skype, Facebook updates and interviews via global news services  of unmitigated disaster. The injured were taken to hospitals to find ICU wards demolished with no survivors. Glen Saw hundreds of bodies in the first couple of days, whilst the official death toll, even after the third earthquake, only hovered just around 400.




Covermore insurance came in with common sense. Their policy statement was along the lines of” it’s not a safe place to be, you should not go there, we will cover your travel charges.”

Meanwhile others said that whilst flights were flying, and the hotel was taking guests (although it was shut for repairs for a month shut for a month) that any change of plans would be considered “of choice” and policies null and void.

The conspiracy theories started to abound with respect to the Asia Games and effects on tourism. If openly acknowledged as a “National Disaster a minimum number of troops would be required on the ground in Lombok. Which would have to come from the Asia Games, leaving them “unprotected”.

Suggestions that if any aid agencies reported the issues,they would be black -banned from a presence in Indonesia.  “Allegedly” the Beckhams and Oxfam were asked to be quiet. Try and find a press release from one of the major charities you would expect to see on the ground.



Thirdly of course was tourism. With cancellations already running rife (even in the face of crap insurance agencies who think a natural disaster zone is still kosher for a holiday) the major source of income from the country could not be threatened.

The gossip, which may just be that, suggests locals were denied aid to ensure the wealthy don’t miss out on tourist $. What do you believe?

Meanwhile people like Glen working 60 hours in a three day period, companies like Gate7 continuing their support for Project Karma, the Australian travel public throwing tons of cash into relief efforts for a country they love.

Strange world.

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