Hawaii Horror

It looked like poo flowing into the sink….

My very first trip to Hawaii, my first to the states, my first bit of free time so I wandered from the hotel into Honolulu central to get an idea what its all about.

The stunning shapely young lady burst forth off the side of my radar and before I knew it, I was being told how essential the stem cell therapy would be for me crows feet and….WTF? It was like a time warp. One minute outside, the next minute how this stuff would only cost $700 and….then it was $350 and seriously,….amazingly this one time offer, as I was seriously good looking besides my age …only $149….

I was called a tight @rse in Italian and something of Latin Origin as I walked out…but $149 seemed pretty good for a cream i only needed to use once a week and….RUN!

What does this have to do with customers behaving badly?

Back at the hotel  a nasty piece of work was bullying one of the sales staff. It was horrible. She  yelled and screamed at him in front of everybody, demanding $500 worth of compensation. Halfway through she suggested that at least half of that would be reasonable, shortly thereafter she acknowledged it wasn’t his fault and any small gesture would be greatly appreciated and she accepted $125….walking away like she’d done it a million times before.

The pattern emerged. Start high and hard, halve it, offer an olive branch, halve it again. Seems like nothing all of a sudden. It was practised. $125 seems a lot compared to zero, not much compared to $500

Second bad display came from someone whingeing like hell in front of me in the line. They couldn’t quite decide if they would get away with it, and decided that they would say nothing,  put it on trip advisor and go back and complain to their agent.

My third customer service point actually came from a very savvy move from the hotel. I’d gone to breakfast, came back and there was water filling up in the sink. From the plughole. It had a pretty nasty smell and some suspiciously bad brown stuff. Housekeeping were outside, they assured me engineering would be on the way shortly. Which didn’t happen. I sat working away in my emails and could hear these weird sounds, only to walk in an hour later and find brown stuff had invaded my toiletries bag and was all over the floor. I prefer sand between my toes.

I was polite, told housekeeping/engineering and within about 15 seconds had been assured that a $50 credit had been put on my account so that I could replace all my toiletries and someone from engineering would be there pronto which they were.

The instant reassurance took the wind out of my angry sails. You can buy a lot of toothpaste for US$50

Pretty awesome work, apart from the smell, but clearly they were used to dealing with people like “customer A”.

It highlighted to me how amazingly different people behave when they are away from home. Some manipulate, some lie.  Some just desperate to make it all good.  Who to believe?  You have to wonder sometimes.

 Good behaviour always gets the best rewards. Think being a bully will work in your favour?

Think again 😊


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