Chasing lights & polar bears with Latitude 33

Chasing Lights & Polar Bears with Latitude 33

Chasing lights & polar bears with Latitude 33

Chasing lights & polar bears with Latitude 33

In August 2019, Latitude 33 will be hosting an intimate group of 20 travellers, exploring Norway, Greenland and Iceland over a 24-night itinerary.

Starting in Dubai, guests will stay at Raffles Dubai Hotel before flying to Norway chasing the elusive northern lights, the first stop will see guests exploring Tromsø, Norway. With a visit to Whale Island during the day, at night they’ll chase Earth’s most magnificent light show, the Aurora Borealis.

After there stay in Tromso they’ll board Silversea’s purpose-built, luxury Silver Explorer for a 15 night expedition cruise to Iceland. The Silver Explorer will make its way to Svalbard with a pit stop at Bear Island. Via zodiacs, guests will be able to get up close to the islands surrounds, witnessing some of the largest bird colonies in the Northern Hemisphere among other unique species that call Bear Island home.

Arriving in Svalbard’s Southern Region on 8th September, travellers can explore one of Mother Nature’s greatest playgrounds. Complete with glaciers, a shoreline of seabirds, walruses, seals and polar bears, zodiacs will bring travellers close enough to witness the mystical wintry setting and nature at its best.

The Silver Explorer will then arrive in Scoresby Sund Greenland, renowned for it’s spectacular icebergs and wildlife before stopping in Ittoqqortoormiit. With just 550 local residences, the little village welcomes travellers, inviting them to walk around, sightsee, learn about sled dogs and the unique culture.

On 20th September, guests will arrive in the colourful city centre of Reykajavík, Iceland. Exploring the Golden Circle, travellers will visit Geysir, Gullfoss Waterfalls and Thingvellir National Park. En route, guests will stop in to the Friòheimar family tomato farm for a delicious lunch and visit to the horse stables.

Whilst in Iceland, travellers will also journey to the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano via helicopter, delivering unforgettable views of the crater and surrounding landscape. The adventurous then descend 120 metres down to the bottom of the magma chamber via an open cable lift. After their thrilling experience, via helicopter, guests will conclude the trip with a 2-night stay at the newly opened Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon. Located in the heart of an 800-year-old moss covered lava flow, here guests can relax, rejuvenate and explore all the while bringing them closer to nature.

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