Kanagawa Prefecture appoints Doq

Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine

Kanagawa Prefecture appoints Doq as tourism representative in Australia

Kanagawa prefecture has appointed doq Pty Ltd as its tourism representative in Australia as of July 2018.

doq Pty Ltd has nearly 10 years of experience in Japanese destination marketing and promotion, with clients including the Japan National Tourism Organization, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau and Hoshino Resorts. They will be responsible for promoting Kanagawa prefecture as a tourism destination to the Australian market.

Mihoko Kurosawa, Account Supervisor of doq Pty Ltd said: “I am excited to work for Kanagawa tourism. Not only because it is my hometown, but because Kanagawa is a beautiful port town boasting Yokohama, Kamakura and Hakone, which are all great day trip destinations from Tokyo. Kanagawa has a vibrant, sophisticated and fresh atmosphere as the second largest prefecture in Japan. It also has various historical and cultural spots. For example, Kamakura was the political centre of Japan from 1185 to 1333, when the samurai government ruled the country and is highly popular today for its large Buddha statue. Hakone, on the other hand, has a beautiful shrine in Lake Ashi where you can enjoy gorgeous views of Mt. Fuji and the red gate on the water.”

In 2017, Kanagawa prefecture welcomed approx. 70,000 visitors from Australia, and is expecting further growth in anticipation of the 2019 Rugby World Cup where the final will be held in Yokohama, along with the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Source = Kanagawa Tourism
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