Why you don’t need to wait

Aurora borealis in Yukon

Aurora borealis in Yukon

Why you don’t need to wait ‘til winter to see the northern lights in Yukon

Witnessing the enchanting aurora borealis conjures images of dancing night skies, sub-zero temperatures and mountainous landscapes blanketed in snow, like glistening vanilla ice-cream.

Wish you could tick off this bucket-list adventure without donning beanies, scarves and parkas?

In Canada’s north-west Yukon Territory, you don’t need to wait until winter to experience this light show spectacular. As one of the few locations on Earth where the northern lights are visible from late summer all the way through to spring, you may not even need a jacket as you gaze up at Mother Nature’s best artwork.

Read on for just one example of an aurora adventure before the first snowfall in Yukon:

Autumnal splendour in the Southern Lakes Region

Head to Yukon’s scenic Southern Lakes Region during the autumn months of late August and September, and combine two of nature’s most colourful marvels.

With autumn in full swing, the Southern Lakes Region transforms from lush green to rich crimson, orange, and sparkling gold, the ultimate backdrop for wildlife viewing.

Drive from the capital city of Whitehorse to the First Nations village of Carcross, just 72 kilometres away. Make a pit-stop at Wheaton River, where crystal waters reflect the majestic mountains ablaze with brilliant autumn hues. Keep the camera poised for grizzly bears, elk and mountain sheep along the way.

Continue on to Carcross, where you’ll soak up the authentic hospitality and stroll the shores of Bennett Lake, following the footsteps of the Klondike gold stampeders who blazed a torturous trail on their way to Dawson more than 120 years ago.

Visit a carving shed to watch genuine First Nations’ artwork come to life, listen to the artist’s stories and be inspired by the magnificent totem poles that tower overhead.

Spend the day hiking or biking Montana Mountain, or simply wander the picturesque landscape, marvelling at the roaming wildlife and hundreds of bird species that call the Southern Lakes home.

As night falls, the autumnal glory makes way for spellbinding auroras splashed across the sky in a mind-blowing kaleidoscope of vibrant jades, reds, yellows, and purples.

Check into a wilderness lodge, such as the luxurious Inn on the Lake, the Boreale Ranch at the base of the Seven Sisters mountain range, or Southern Lakes Resort overlooking placid Tagish Lake.

Autumn evenings in the Southern Lakes Region are relatively mild, allowing for active night time adventures.

Meander along the hiking trails to a secluded spot to capture the very best aurora photographs. Listen for the call of the loon, and enjoy some nocturnal wildlife encounters while the night sky ripples with ribbons of colour overhead.

Soak in a hot tub with a glass of wine and watch the spectacle unfold, or roast s’mores around a crackling fire with the locals and find out why those who come to this rugged, wild part of Canada never want to leave.

Getting there

Air Canada offers daily direct flights to Vancouver from Sydney and Brisbane. Additionally, Air Canada commenced year-round direct flights from Melbourne to Vancouver from June 2018. Direct flights from Sydney to Vancouver are also available on Qantas. Connecting flights to Whitehorse are available on Air Canada and Air North.

Source = Tourism Yukon
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