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Travel Sales Summit

Travel Sales Summit

The stage is set for the inaugural Travel Sales Summit Melbourne to provide travel professionals updated strategies for delivering a better customer experience.

In a time when continuous advancements in technology have enabled quick and easy ways to book travel online it is critical that Australian travel professionals remain relevant on what drives consumer preferences, buying habits and expectations.

The first Travel Sales Summit will be held on Tuesday 14th August at the RACV City Club, Melbourne and will soon travel to Adelaide and Brisbane.

Cornerstone People Solutions director and leading travel industry expert Rachael Seymour has recently returned from the UK where she gathered insights and data to help Australian agents and suppliers deliver a more effective customer experience from the inspiration stage to well after the passenger returns”

In a recent conversation Seymour revealed that “agencies who rely on their repeat and referral business must amend their strategy to include involvement at the inspiration phase of the booking cycle”.

Together with her fellow director Cassi Tormey and their team at Cornerstone, the Travel Sales Summit will share insights and solutions that will leave attendees eager to get back to their business and implement new initiatives.

Cassi Tormey shares her thoughts and says “Industry distribution channels are blown wide open and the competition is fierce.  Depending on a person’s current mindset this can be viewed as frightening or a huge opportunity. Our role for the day will be to share the insights and help participants work on solutions that will suit their business”

The good news is that more people are travelling than ever before; there are more disruptors to keep us challenged and developments in technology consistently surprise us.  We must now connect with customers in new ways, provide better value and become more personalised as their expectations continue to rise. The year 2017 saw the Travel & Tourism sector create 7 million new jobs worldwide, and as a whole grew at 4.6 percent, much faster than the rest of the economy, according to the World Travel Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Economic Impact Research.

What will be amazing about the summit is that it will be a travel and tourism learning experience with global insights paired with localised strategy for both big and small businesses.

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Cornerstone People Solutions

We collaborate daily with travel and tourism businesses, engage with industry bodies and stay abreast of government initiatives to help us to write and deliver innovative learning solutions that can truly make a difference.  

We strive to represent the entire travel and tourism industry by training all working in it and those wishing to start a career.  From new trainees to long standing employees we are committed to delivering content that balances what the industry wants with what it needs to remain strong and sustainable.

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