Hay wins Writing NSW’s best town to set a Musical

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Hay wins Writing NSW’s best town to set a Musical

Hay wins Writing NSW’s best town to set a Musical

Sharni Montgomery has put Hay on Writing NSW’s map as the best town to set a musical. She has won with these words:

‘Hay. The flattest place on Earth with spectacular sunsets, historic buildings and a shearer’s hall of fame – perfect settings for spontaneously breaking into song!’

The towns shortlisted were Orange, Copacabana, Parkes, Tumbarumba, and Tamworth. Below are the descriptions that gave them this place on this list.

‘Copacabana: where writing’s a passion that’s always in fashion, at the Copa, words are our love.’ – Rebecca Chaney

‘Look no further than Parkes, with a train full of Elvises pulling into town once a year in the January heat, just throw in some star-crossed lovers & a town dividing scandal and you’ve got yourself a musical!’ – @bronwynbirdsall

‘Orange – because it doesn’t rhyme! It would make writing the lyrics really fun and challenging!’ – Kain Foran

‘Tumbarumba wants us to get tapping and dancing to that rhythmic beat.’ – @dianefagan

‘Tamworth is the best NSW town to set a musical as it has the annual country and western music festival, underpinned by political intrigue, scandals and romance.’ – @spacemamasan

Writing NSW are celebrating their branding launch with a competition being held each week over six weeks asking for the best towns in NSW to use as settings for various kinds of stories. A selection of books by local writers will be awarded to the winning entry each week, with favourite submissions to be shared on social media.

This week’s question is: what is the best NSW town to set a story about an Extraterrestrial Encounter?

Submissions are now open and close at midnight on Sunday 15 July. #writingnswtowns

Enter via https://writingnsw.org.au/writing-nsw-towns-competition/

For more information contact Writing NSW https://writingnsw.org.au

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