Broken Hill wins Writing NSW’s best town

Broken Hill

Broken Hill wins Writing NSW’s best town in which to set a Whodunit?

Broken Hill wins Writing NSW’s best town

Sean O Leary has put Broken Hill on Writing NSW’s map as the best town in which to set a Whodunit mystery. He has won with these words:

People drift into this harsh, red earth town in the middle of nowhere from all over Australia seeking a new start, but what are the secrets they leave behind and how will these secrets impact the people of Broken Hill?

The towns shortlisted were Eugowra, Gol Gol, Murwillumbah, Dunedoo, and Millthorpe. Below are the descriptions that gave them this place on this list.

‘Whodunit? Dunedoo dun it!’ – Ash Rehn

‘Murwillumbah – home of the legendary 1978 still-unsolved bank heist, one of the biggest in Australian history and the inspiration for
classic Murwillumbah ‘They Got the Lot’ souvenirs.’ – Kirsten Ealand

‘Gol Gol – as the seemingly impenetrable mist hovers over the majestic Murray, a sudden break reveals the face-down body momentarily before the mist reclaims it.’ – Janelle Lee

‘Millthorpe is a small heritage village in Central NSW, which is the perfect blend of old and new, well-to-do inner and outlying struggle, long dark windy winter days and the bright cold promise of spring, where everyone and no one is a stranger.’ – Karen Goldrick

‘Eugowra for its gossip, bushranger past and an iconic pub whose memory remains long after it was mysteriously razed.’ – Jordan Mitchell

Writing NSW are celebrating their branding launch with a competition being held each week over six weeks asking for the best towns in NSW to use as settings for various kinds of stories. A selection of books by local writers will be awarded to the winning entry each week, with favourite submissions to be shared on social media.

This week’s question is: what is the best NSW town to set a MUSICAL? Submissions are now open and close at midnight on Sunday 8 July.  #writingnswtowns

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